Thursday, March 5, 2009

She Gets It From Her Momma

I thought this picture captured Cove's love for the sunshine perfectly. Just like me, Covey loves to lounge in the warm sunshine coming through the window. What is even cuter is that she actually picks up her bed in her mouth and pulls it over to where the sunshine is. I must admit that her bed is not the only thing finding its way into her mouth lately. Let me say that the puppy chewing desire in her is definitely in full force here lately. We have been able to detour her from damaging our furniture though with that Sour Apply spray you get at the pet store. I highly recommend the spray to anyone out there getting a puppy! We also use it to spray in her mouth when she starts to chew on our clothes. Now when Brandon picks up the spray bottle she knows exactly what is coming and stops chewing... well, sometimes she likes to test us and will give it one more chew....cantankerous little lady! I still love her little chompers though : )

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