Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Man of the Hour

Check out the newest addition to the Heegn side of my family. He just happened to make an appearance at my Uncle Dennis's 50 something birthday party hosted at the good-ol fish fry! Connor is a Christmas baby, born in Christmas day a little love a year ago. I couldn't help but post these pictures of him, cuz I love pictures that make me smile everytime I see them...Here is Connor looking a little mad cuz he wanted to get his dad's shrimp on the fork and Vinnie stopped him- precious!
And here is the little guy being fascinated with my dad's pen in his pocket. He would pull the pen out, put it back in, pull it out, put it in...you get the picture. I was so fascinated with how fascinated we was with putting that pen in Dad's pocket.
Connor is just so adorable I may just have to borrow him for an indefinite amount of time. I mean, not that Vinnie and Kelly would let me... I would settle for baby sitting though!

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