Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Been a Long Time Coming

I can't wait.
Next week I have a whole week free from rotations, work, drugs.
It will be my first full week off since last year August.
Sad- I know.
Awe... sweet life!
I have a million things floating around in my head that I want to accomplish, including writing a few more blogs.

I feel as though my cup of tea keeps overflowing without time to clean it up.
My week off is a time to catch up, accomplish, and reflect.
If only I had more than one week.

So, please stay tuned...plans are in the making.

Speaking of reflecting, this is my last full week in St. Louis. Ever. No more 4 hour drives home. No more 4 hours drives back. No more beautiful arch peaking through the skyline. No more hour walks with Lynn in the evening. No more calling Emily at 6pm when she gets of work while I am on the road to pass the time. No more nights at the girls house with Liz and Andrea trying to control what is on the tube. No more trying new places that Ashton loves to eat at. No more rides with Kelsey reflecting over career choices and men. I will miss my friends. I will not miss the drive.

In case you read this and realized that my blog has become boring, uneventful, and all out drab, I highly recommend you head here. Be warned...Rebecca June's blog is addicting!