Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frozen Yogurt For Lynn

So this has been quite the evening if you ask me! After an exciting therapeutics discussion over hemodynamics, shock syndrome, and stress ulcer prophylaxis Lynn and I headed to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients we needed to make this. Thank you Joi for the passing along the delicious recipe! Emily came over for dinner, after all it was her brilliant idea to make the taco bake...yum. Then Lynn and I headed to Pier One Imports where we both treated ourselves to some cute wall hangings for our new homes- pics coming later for my purchase! She needs to start a blog so you can see pressure Lynn. And the finally we stopped at a new frozen yogurt place on the Loop that she has been dieing to go to ever since she went to one in California (speaking of which her friend Erin in Cali needs to start a blog so we can keep track of her new almost married life). Here is some pics I snapped with my phone:
I took the above picture because the light reminded me of Joi's super cute light fixture in her dining room. If you have never been to her blog I highly recommend going. Not only does she have great recipes, but even better she has great decorating style!
This was our yogurt mixtures. You get to pick out any flavor and toppings you like, then you purchase your yogurt by weight. Mine is on the left. I had strawberry yogurt with bananas, mango yogurt with blueberries, and some crazy flavor I can't remember the name of with shaved coconut. All these wonderful flavors came for the reasonable price tag of $3.28
Just to show you how delicious the frozen yogurt was, here is a picture of Lynn with a brain freeze she got from scarfing down her whole bowel within minutes...hehe. Thanks for finally making us go to Fro Yo Lynn!


Lynn said...

I had so much fun tonight! We are going to have to do this again soon! annnnnnd thanks for posting a creepy picture of my ear :)

Joi said...

Yay! I'm so glad you girls got to go. I was just down in the Loop to eat at Pi and have to go back to get this frozen yogurt!!!!

Thanks for the sweet compliments, too!

: )