Wednesday, March 25, 2009

10 Gallon of Paint Later

10 gallons of paint later, and we had a party! It felt so nice last Saturday to celebrate our new home and the new paint with some family and friends.

Just like any good party, it started with food...

Brandon's grandparents came over. You can't exactly tell from this picture, but we have a whole wall of windows in the dining room. I love all the natural light.

Check out this line-up. We didn't have room in small dining room for the chairs with the leaf in the table, so we put them on our empty wall in the living room for people to sit in them.

Lots of aunts and uncles came over. Here is my Aunt Donna and Uncle Dennis. I didn't snap many pictures, but I got a few towards the end.

Like this one.... I will call it an action shot?!

At least Cayman knows to look at the camera : ) Speaking of Cayman, he won some awards for his artwork. We are going to Warrensburg this weekend to see his work on display.

Lauren brought her tiny little pup Brooklyn. This is seriously the tinniest dog I have ever seen. I think she said it weighed 1.8lbs. She isn't going to get much bigger either. I think she is a yorkie-doodle or something like that. She was rescued from those breeders they shut down in Missouri not to long ago.

Little Brooklyn and all the guests wore poor Cove out. After everyone left, we found her snuggled up next to her squirrel bait fast asleep...precious.

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