Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Master Bedroom Tour

I went ahead and took enough pictures to give you the full 360 degree tour of our master bedroom. It's not much as far a size goes, but we kind of like things nice and cozy!
When you walk in the door, you see our one, small closet. Hence, this is why we have 2 dressers! Brandon gets his clothes in this closet. I keep mine in the guest bedroom closet. It works out better this way...
I love that we have our own master bath. With the vanity sink, there isn't any place for storage. We keep our towels in a large basket on the closet floor, which works out pretty nicely. The dresser by the bathroom is Brandon's.

Notice the Clean Cotton Yankee Candle sitting on top of Brandon's of my favorite scents!

Here is our bed. I would love to have a large enough room to have a bed centered on a wall with nightstands on both sides, like this one. However, the limited space in our room and oddly places windows left us with putting our bed in this corner. Just about everything in this picture was a gift to us in some way or another including the crazy weave, headboard, comforter, sheets, and brown throw. I love just how many house furnishings we have been blessed with!

The brown chair in the corner was also a gift, from the Kinder's, for our wedding. Please note the pillows on the bed and the chair are the ones I ordered from here not to long ago. I picked the wall color (Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore) to match the blue in the pillows. The Blue just has a nice inviting, calming feel to it...

I bet your pretty jealous of our tower of electronic devices sitting on my dresser aren't Maybe someday we will get a sleek flat screen tv and get rid of this big clunker. Until then, we enjoy watching our late night shows too much to get rid of them. Speaking of which, I can't wait to Connan O'Brien takes over the late night spot!

And, just cuz I like my little star-shaped find, here is a picture of the cute little dish I found at Old Time Pottery for Brandon to put his pocket contents into when he gets home from work. He better not find anything more to put into his pockets, or I am going to have to find a bigger dish ; )

It's not exactly designer quality, but I tried my best to spruce the place up a bit! Let me know what you think of the new pillows and paint color...

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