Friday, April 24, 2009

Rotations, Rotations, Rotations

It may have been a month later than we were expecting, but StLCoP class of 2010 finally got our rotations this week. Here is my line-up:

May 18-Jun 19 MDS-Hospital St. Luke's East (home)
Jun 22-July 24 Acute Care VA (stay at Kimmie's in St. Louis)
July 27-Aug 28 Ambulatory Care VA (stay at "the girl's" house in St. Louis)
Aug 31-Sept 7 FALL BREAK
Sept 8-Oct 8 Selective VA (stay with the Stokes in Columbia)
Oct 12-Nov 13 Research Elective KCUMB (home)
Nov 16-Dec 18 MDS-Comm Red Cross Pharmacy (home)
Dec 21- Jan 5 WINTER BREAK
Jan 4-Feb 5 Comm Care 50+ Pharmacy (home)
Feb 8-Mar 12 Cancer Elective KC Cancer Inst (home)
Mar 15-May 15 Study for boards

I am pretty excited to begin the final journey to becoming a "real" pharmacist. I am hoping that I remember at least a little bit about the hundreds of drugs we have been studying, so I don't look like a complete idiot in front of my preceptors. Also, since I lucked out with getting my last rotation off, I should have plenty of time to prepare for boards...wahoo! (I am saying this in a slightly sarcastic voice)

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