Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Chair Hunt

Do I really need chairs right now...No. Do I have money to buy chairs right now...No. Am I spending lots of time picking out the perfect chairs to sit next to our soon-to-be television stand/dresser...Yes! I can't help it. I love hunting down the perfect pieces to add to our new home. Of course I check Craig's List updates regularly for the perfect steal, especially since about $10/chair is really my current budget. I couldn't help but look at all the new options too though. I discovered that dining room chairs are usually about a third of the price of living room chairs. I fell in love with this dining room chair. It is a Sydney Parsons Chair in Mocha from Target. They cost $109/chair. Even with the free shipping and $15% off for ordering over $125 I would be over $160 over my budget...darn the luck!
Oh well, I still love them. I think I would also like them with white legs and little white throw thrown over the back. If I don't find a Craig's List steal, I can always save up and hope these go on sale right!

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