Monday, April 6, 2009

Mud and Poo

The joys of having a puppy are never ending. Cove provides us with constant attention and affection. We decided to take her on a walk around the Bass Pro shops walking trails over the weekend while the primer Brandon had sprayed on our basement ceiling was drying. Cove loves a new adventure, so she was as happy as could be in the new terrain. We spent sometime throwing a stick in the lake and having her fetch it. I have a feeling she is going to be a great lake dog after we master the word "come," so she can play safely off the leash. While we were down by the lake I was being extra careful not to step in the squishy mud. I was doing an excellent job keeping my shoes clean too, right until Cove stepped right on top of my foot with her muddy paw...she would! Oh well, I knew it was too good to be true....
After her play time in the water we set off on a walk/hike through the woods. I snapped a picture of Brandon with our little lady. He had just pulled a treat out of his pocket. We also took this picture of me and Cove on a big rock. Too bad I was wearing black and she blended right in with my jacket!
We hiked through the woods for quite a long time before making our way back to the paved trail. After we got back on the paved trail Cove kept wanting to cross over in front of me and go over to the grass. Since we are trying to train her to walk properly on the leash, I kept moving her right back to the middle of the paved path. I did this several times when Brandon stopped to look at some animal foot prints in the dirt. I stopped to look at what he was looking and seconds later there was a nice, warm pile of poo siting right in the middle of the path...gross! Poor Cove probably thought she better just let it out on the concrete, since I wouldn't let her get to the grass. Almost at the same exact time our friend Marcie's mom came up the trail with their dog. Perfect time to run into someone you know! Oh well, it was good seeing her even if we had to remind her not to step on the poo we hadn't had the chance to move yet ; )

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