Friday, February 20, 2009

A Tribute to Gpa Heegn

We went over to my parents house last night for dinner. On the coffee table my mom had a small collection of my Gpa Heegn's sketches she had rounded up over at my Grandma's house. I have always known my Grandpa was a bit of an artist, from his detailed Easter egg decorating skills. My mom explained to me that her dad frequently sketched small pictures on scrap paper when he was waiting at job sites (he was an electrician that would have to wait for other construction teams to finish up before he could start wiring). My mom had already purchased a frame and some black tissue paper, and was planning on framing some of her dad's artwork for him. This is kind of a bitter-sweet tribute, as my Grandpa has lost the ability to walk, write, and even eat after suffering multiple strokes. I absolutely loved the idea, and helped put this collection together last night as she was washing up the dishes after dinner.

Something else that I learned last night is that my Grandpa would always write "This is a new pen," when he would pick up a new pen. She came across one of those scrap pieces of paper as well, so we taped this piece of paper to back of the frame. The fact that he even signed the paper makes me smile even more.
Just for kicks...Here is my sister's cat, Molly, trying to sneak up on Covey while she was sleeping. Notice how Cove sleeps all stretched out- silly pup!

Great idea to put together this collection of artwork mom! Thanks for letting me help, and teaching me a few things I never knew about my grandpa...
PS- dinner was delicious too : )

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