Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pillow Love

I have been searching for inspiration for our master bedroom for quite some time now. I originally thought I would stick with natural tans and browns with a few red accents; after all, red is the color of romance. I really have never been much a "red" person, which must be why I can never seem to find just the right red accent pieces to use for inspiration. I even made a point today to wonder through both Hobby Lobby and Pottery Barn in search of these red accents with no luck. Don't worry though...I just hit up my new favorite online place for inspiration, Etsy, and snagged these two wonderful sets of pillows from here. Oh the ideas for our master bedroom are in the making!!! These will work perfectly with our tan comforter we got for our wedding too. I will keep you updated if I make any changes to the bedroom. They will more than likely be on my Spring Break though, after I get another paycheck or two. Can't wait to get these lovelies in the mail!

PS- I told Brandon about my exciting find, and he said, "Decorative pillow are not functional." Oh well, I bought them anyways ; )

1 comment:

Joi said...

Those are really cute Debra. I'm not much of a red fan at all. I think you made the right choice! : )