Friday, February 6, 2009

Our New Addition

Brandon and I adopted our first puppy together this week. This little girl is an 8 week-old laborador retriever. We came across her at PetCo last Saturday. She had been rescued by the Linn County humane society and was living with her foster mom who brought her upto the store. We instantly fell in love with her, and officially adopted her on Monday. We named her Covey (precounced like a lake "cove" with a "y"). She is not yet house trained, but we are hoping to fix her of this quickly. Lucky for us we don't have any carpets in our house for her to make a mess on. I am not sure how long it takes for puppies this old to learn how to let us know when they need to go. Today she has only made one tinkle inside, so I am very happy! Right now the sweet little pup is curled up at my feet fast asleep. Here is a picture of her and Brandon after Mike and him came inside from pulling Brandon's motorcycle engine back out of his bike. Mike kindly donated his water bottle to her toy collection- she loved it! I have been busy reading up on puppy training this week, since I don't want to teach her any bad habits we will have to break later. I have never trained a puppy before, so wish me luck!!!

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Emily said...

I can't help but say "awwww" everytime I see pictures of her! She is just so darn cute!