Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Gate

After only having Covey a week, Brandon decided it was time to make our back yard completely fenced in. Luckily, the yard itself came fenced in. The only part left for us finish was adding a gate across our walk-through porch. With the help of Mike, Brandon went to Lowe's and used our whole Missouri tax return to purchase boards, screws, metal posts, and latches (he didn't want to wait 2 weeks to special order a pre-fab fence, so he designed his own custom one). Here is a picture of Brandon and his dad working on it last Saturday...

Brandon's sister Misty brought our niece Emarea over to play with Covey while they were building the fence. The weather was so nice, we spent most of the day outside. Here she is showing me the treat she is going to give Covey- notice Covey is already laying puppy!

And here is the completed fence! I think it looks better than any pre-fab fence we could have ordered- love my handy man! We decided to put the fence on the front side of the porch so we can still let Covey out our main door to go potty; this caused us to have to move our mailbox to where it is now in the picture. We plan on power washing the porch and staining the porch and new gate at the same time. We are going to have to put up some guttering this spring too. When the rain freezes that porch becomes a sheet of ice. I learned this the hard way...ouch!

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