Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Fun from Last Weekend

Brandon was in a fishing contest last weekend. It was part of the corporate challenge competition at his work. He has to win the try-outs (another fishing tournament in itself) in order to compete in it. Well, him and his partner Matt beat out some old timers and woke up before the sun came out for a little fishing action on Smithville lake. The weather was cold, and the fish didn't bite so well. In fact, they only caught two fish.
See fish #1...
And fish #2
(I am sure Brandon would like for you to know that he caught both of them even though Matt is holding up his fish, which looks bigger, for the picture)
Well, what do you know...there 2 bass got them 2nd place metals at the tournament! Most of the other teams were only able to catch crappie. It takes a lot of crappie to equal the weight of one bass. They got 2nd place by the weight of their bass.
See them supporting the Honeywell shirts....
Brandon also got his fourwheeler running. He said I had to take a picture of it running for my blog, since I showed it before it was running.
He wouldn't slow down, so I only got crazy blurry action shots...
We also took Cove to the Lake last weekend. It was her first time going to a real lake (we have only taken her to the pond at Bass Pro Shop). Let's just say she is going to be a water dog. It only took her a minute on the dock before she jumped right off without us knowing it! Good thing she knows how to swim.
Here she is shaking off the water after Brandon helped her back up on the swim dock...
Rotation are keeping me busy...real busy. That's okay though because I am learning a lot. I may become a weekend blogger at this rate.
Did I tell you I chopped off my hair? My sister took pictures, so I will share. She has been out of town all week, so I will forgive her for taking so long to get them to me. Hopefully I will see her tomorrow.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend...please take some time to remember the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.

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