Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The End of a Chapter

The last final is taken, the binders are closed, the books are packed up. StLCoP class of 2010 is officially forever done with classes. Although I am thrilled with the realization that I will never again take finals, the thought of separating from the friends and place I called home for the past 5 years is a little sad. Before I start the next chapter in my life called rotations, I wanted to reflect on things I will miss. Because I am a lover of food, I am going to miss some of my favorite places to eat, including Little Maggiano's, The Old Spaghetti Factory, and Jimmy Johns (we don't have a close one back in KC).

Here is a pic of some of us riding the metro down to The Old Spaghetti Factory from I would guess 2nd year (I will not miss being asked for money while waiting for the metro). I really like Ashton's green coat in this pic- cute!
Besides food, I know I will miss my BFFs even more. We have pulled each other through some tough times together, and I don't know what I would do without them. I know our paths and life will start moving different directions, but we will only continue to be great friends despite the miles between us. I cherish the relationships I have with both of you. I will never be able to watch Saturday Night live and not think of Lynn or eat at BreadCo and not think of Emily. We always found ways to have fun despite the studying. See, here is Lynn flipping me off...haha.

And Emily's fish face at the CPK.

I will also miss the great group of girl friends we had going (sorry, I uploaded the first group picture I saw and then realized it was missing quite a few of you). It is crazy how school has brought us all together, and interesting that despite all the differences we all have formed great bonds over the years. I love all my StLCoP ladies dearly.

School would have been miserable without such a great group of friends. It is the BBQs in the girls back yard, the crazy games we would play, eating Knox blocks at our group meetings Sunday nights to go over cases, watching Grey's together, sharing the "good" info we learned from facebook creeping, rides home with Kelsey, and so much more that I will miss. We really made some wonderful memories together.
Yes, I will miss my days at StLCoP. We may have had some tough classes and some tough professors, but we made it through together. So here is to us and the memories we made that will last a lifetime...


Emily said...

Way to make me cry, Debra!!! I hate that you are going to be so far away, but I'm so excited about coming to see you in June! I'm going to miss you being in just the next building...Love ya, Debbie D!

Joi said...

Awww...this was super sweet. I'm glad you, Em, and Lynn met one another and have each other in your lives. : )

And, I am sooooo proud of all of you!!!!

Lynn said...

This post made me cry too! Not like it is that hard to do :) It still hasn't sank in that we don't have our apartment together and that we really are going to be starting rotations on Monday! Ah! Miss you! Talk to you soon!