Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally, Flowers

After my husband went around the yard using this...
And I went around spreading these...
We finally decided to do something with our boring front yard...
And spent Saturday afternoon planting these...
(Yes, we still have disposable paper blinds in those windows....shhhh)
We didn't go all out or anything. I was dreaming of a black paver lined flower bed full of lush blooming annuals, but settled with chepo quick edging and $3 perennials (I will admit there is tons more selection when you bump up to the $5/plant section, but resisted the temptation).

Want a little breakdown on what one, simple flower bed costs a couple people? Here ya go...
Roll of weed-ex black cloth to put underneath flower bed     $11.97
Black quick edging to line the bed with   $ 9.97
50ft weeper hose to weave around flower so the self water when you turn the hose on    $8.97
The Y adaptor to be able to use your other hose with the weeper hose     $5.97
4 bags of pre-fertilized soil     $32 ($8/bag)
14 Hosta perennial plants (small size)     $42 ($3/plant)
14 Candy Stripper Phlox flowers      $42 ($3/plant)
6 bags of cedar mulch    $17.88 ($2.98/bag)

For a grand total of $180.73
After my 10% discount and $30 giftcard we actally spent $145.21 though...not to shabby for a little more curb appeal, huh?!

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