Friday, January 29, 2010

What Budget?

When you buy a house with unpainted walls and unfinished wood floors like this…

And an empty, blank-slate basement like this…

You know your going to have to spend some mullah to get it up to par! Since I love a budget breakdown from my fellow bloggers (yes, you all thoroughly impress me with your budget making abilities), I decided to add up just how much we put into our house in hardware store runs getting THIS LONG LIST accomplished. So, here it goes:
Nov $896.63
Dec $401.47
Jan $1019.71
Feb $626.31
Mar $755.72
Apr $197.04
May $87.95
Jun $20.22
Jul $0.00 (cuz we spent every weekend at the lake…gotta enjoy a little summer!)
Aug $70.27
Sept $1416.19
Oct $169.96
Nov $359.03
Dec $585.48
Jan $189.58

Why did we not invest in hardware stock before purchasing our house??! And to think this total does include our heater/air conditioner and new window instillation costs (more on this later)….geez.
Unfortunately, we simply had too many projects overlapping to accurately keep track of which money was spent on which project for the most part : ( The only projects that I actually took the time to calculate our expenses for separately where replacing the GUTTERS ($763.92) and the EXTERIOR PAINT ($479.01 for trim paint, house paint, caulk, rollers, etc). If only I could find the price quotes we got the professionals to show you just how much we saved; darn my good bad throwing away skills!

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