Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday FunDay

Just trying to make sure that Mondays are still FUN days for me ; )

Remember the dresser that I purchased off Craig's list for my sister, here. Wouldn't it look great with this lovely mirror (likely spray painted another color, even though it is lovely gold too) above it?!

Sorry, I took the picture sideways...
I scored this beauty for Brandon's Gma over the weekend because she found something she liked better to put in its place; gotta love Gma!

I also purchased a few pull knobs to replace Kara's old ones on her armoir for when we paint it gray as well. We still have yet to move it over here and paint it. When we finally do though, I plan on using this recipe to paint the doors with gray chalkboard paint!

Now if only I could get her to get everything our of her armoir ASAP and get this painting party started ; )

If you have a BETTER recipe for chalkboard paint, let me know...
If not, I will let you know how this ones turns out!

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