Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Can't Be Safe

I think they put warnings like this....

on ladders for a purpose.
Unfortunately, my husband still decided to do this...

Hummm...definitely not safe ; )
Oh well, the stairway is finally painted!

Here is our color scheme for downstairs...

The stairwell is "Smooth Stone"  by Glidden (behind the other colors)
The downstairs walls are "Silver City" by Ralph Lauren in the Suede finish (the smaller square- its textured)
& The ceiling is sprayed with "It's Getting Late" by Dutch Boy (the dark gray color)
Yes, we like to mix things up-- Thank you Home Depot for having Ralph Lauren paint on sale!

And on a really exciting note, the pallet project is making progress!!! Check out out our fireplace wall...

This wall makes me smile from ear-to-ear...now that's a big smile : )
Can't wait for the other two walls by the stairs to be covered in pallets as well....eek!

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Joi said...

Looking good, Debra!