Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things

I got the idea to write this blog from facebook. If you don't read facebook notes, the whole idea is to write 25 things people likely do not know about you. I tried to come up with 25 unique things about myself, so here it goes...

1. When I go to my Chinese restaurant in KC I like to get both egg drop soup and vegetable soup. They are both so yummy, that I just can’t chose between them.

2. When I make the bed I make sure there are more sheets/blankets hanging over on my side of the bed. You don’t hear me complaining about not having enough covers ; )

3. I had to have surgery to remove ingrown toenails when I was in 5th grade; thus, my toenails on my two big toes are more “squared” off than most peoples.

4. When I drive back to St. Louis at night I tend to listen to talk shows instead of radio stations playing songs because they keep me awake better. I really don’t know why; you think it would be opposite.

5. I have a testimony regarding me marrying my husband Brandon that came the summer after 8th grade when I found a heart-shaped seashell on the beach. We didn’t start dating till the following year. I still have the shell.

6. I love, love, love things that or salty, or things I can put a lot of salt on. In fact, I can’t wait till the pickles are gone, so I can drink the juice left in the jar. I also love salt on watermelon and cantaloupe, which Brandon thinks is odd.

7. I once fell halfway into a shark tank (upper body only). I was trying to pet the sharks. I was 14 years old—old enough to know better.

8. I love being in direct sunlight. I would rather be hot than cold any day. When I was little I actually liked getting into my mom’s black van in the middle of summer before the air conditioner kicked in.

9. My brother and I kept our bags packed when we were little so we could quickly run away from home (you know- snacks, flashlight, blanket, etc.). We talked about doing it all the time, but we never really left.

10. I also got so mad at my brother one time for being better than me at everything that I climbed to the very top of our climbing tree, walked out across a branch, and then slid down a large branch that stretched from the bottom of the tree to the top just so I could say I had done something he had never done. My dad chopped that branch off soon after. Looking back, that tree is taller than I remember it being.

11. I ran cross-country in 8th grade. I didn’t really like to run, so I would spend most of practice hanging out on an old bridge that was hidden from the road with my friends. I came close to finishing last in just about every race. I was also on the “B” team.

12. Becoming a pharmacist was never my first career choice. I chose the career because I could work part time and still make a decent salary. I probably should have become a teacher.

13. One summer, I ate worms almost every day when I was a counselor named, “Dot” at Girl Scout day camp. I made the mistake of eating part of a worm one day to show they were perfectly harmless. Every girl that came to our class afterwards wanted to see me do it too.

14. I think my little sister is way prettier than I am. She is so tall and skinny, and her face has perfect proportions (mine is longer and skinnier). I hope guys want to date her for the right reasons.

15. When I was really little I had fantasies about dating JTT (I said this the other day and Kara did not know who he was). In middle school I wanted to date Brian, off the Back Street Boys. Thankfully, by high school I had found Brandon : )

16. This one is not really about me, but I thought I would include it anyway. Brandon is related to a guy buried in a glass tomb in a cast-concrete museum the guy/relative built. I found this out when my dad was sharing the creepiest place he had ever gone to while we were at dinner with Brandon’s parents. Brandon’s mom let him know the guy in the glass tomb was relation…awkward, but very funny moment!

17. Songs can have a very emotional impact on me. I frequently cry during church to worship songs. I also to cy when sad songs come on the radio. I think Lynn is worse at this than I I just cry the first time, she cries everytime ; )

18. I should never sit by my sister at church. I don’t know why, but we always seem to get the giggles. We tend to laugh through most of the service and even the prayers…thanks Kara!

19. My mom is Catholic and my father was raised in a church that believes the Book of Mormon. I hear lots of negative comments/attitudes towards both religions all the time. I tend to call myself “Christian” since it seems to fit my upbringing the best. However, I believe that the Book of Mormon is another testimony of Christ’s love for us. For the record, most rumors about “Mormon” churches are false.

20. I felt closer to Brandon’s grandpa Herb when he passed than I ever felt with my own two Grandpas. I have tried to change this since then. I aspire to the kind of grandparents that Brandon has had growing up.

21. I wouldn’t mind having lots of kids. I think I minimum of 3 to 4 would be awesome. I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, but will settle for working part time (I don’t want to lost my drug knowledge). We will see what God has in store…

22. I would say that I am more open that the average person on lots of topics; just ask my friends. My mom is the same way. Let’s just say my sex education started when I was very little. My parents still have a great sex life. I feel bad for couples who let this part of their relationship go.

23. Even though I hate studying, I do love what I am studying. Learning about how the human body works is fascinating. I have grown so much appreciation for the research that goes into developing drugs that target disease states. No matter how much I learn though, I do not think I am near ready enough to become a pharmacist.

24. I once killed dozens of hermit crabs by accident. My cousins and I collected a bunch from the ocean to keep as pets. Apparently the ones from the ocean do not survive in the same way the ones from the pet stores do. I still feel terrible about it.

25. I qualified for “State” my senior golf season of high school. After the first 8 holes, I was 5 strokes below par. On the 9th hole, a par 5, I had a nice long drive and a perfect lay-up shot before the pond. The next shot I botched. It bounced back off the rocks on the opposite side of the pond and landed underneath a fence post, inches from being out of bonds. I had to chunk it out from underneath the fence post where it landed behind a tree. I had to use another shot to get it out from behind the tree. Needless to say, I gained every single stroke back before the turn to the next nine. It is funny now, not at the time.

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EmilyS1152 said...

You are so funny! A few a my favorites: shark tank, hanging out at the bridge during cross country, eating worms (yuck!), and killing hermit crabs. When I was reading the one about JTT, I skipped over the word "dating," so I read that you had fantasies about him (sexual ones, in my head) And the last one, no clue what any of that meant!